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The fastest growing careers require a Masters degree, except one…

Solar installer fastest career growth

Most of the fastest-growing occupations typically need postsecondary
education for entry. This is not really news, but a new trend has emerged that defies the accepted norm. Read on for the details.

Most of the ten occupations that are projected to grow the fastest over the 2016–26 decade need postsecondary education for entry, but there are opportunities for job seekers with less education. The fastest-growing occupation, solar photovoltaic installers, typically only requires a high school diploma or equivalent for entry.

All of the occupations on the list compiled by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, require a high school diploma and also require on-the-job training. Four of the occupations on this list typically require a master’s degree for entry, helping to drive the overall fast employment growth for master’s degree occupations.

Half of the fastest-growing occupations are related to healthcare. This is no surprise when 14 of the top 20 jobs are also in this healthcare, reflecting the increasing demand for healthcare services as a result of the aging population and growing rates of chronic disease.

The highest-paid occupations on the BLS list are those that typically require post secondary education for entry. The “green jobs” are an outlier worth watching as the US and other countries finally move renewable power into main stream lifestyle.

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